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In 1992, 5 classmates from a local Hong Kong night school formed Triple Force Garments. Originally established as a shoe and tailored shirt supplier to Hong Kong clients, the remaining founder has led Triple Force to many distinguished clients in regards to corporate/school uniforms, and in fashion, demonstrating the company’s attention to detail.

Now, Triple Force has a factory in Shenzhen with professional workers and high-tech machinery. Aside from our quality workmanship and our competitive prices, we pride ourselves in using practical and sustainable fabrics. For example, we produce breathable and elastic suit pants, that redefine comfort in the workplace, or fabric made out of corn, that biodegrades,....



“Working with Good Clothing Company feels like getting a huge leg up in the industry. The experience and insight tripleforcegarments brings to this process can’t be rivaled– even by companies that charge hundreds hourly for consulting.




Price & Quality

With our very own factory in Shenzhen, we are able to avoid supply chain costs by using our own employees to

Sustainability & Functionability

We pride ourselves in using renewable, biodegradable fabrics and contributing to the environmentally in a positive way. Additionally, our fabrics are highly functionable for any occasion, this includes elastic suits, water resistant clothing, etc.


Because we are solely responsible for the entire process, including finding fabrics, manufacturing goods, and all the paperwork in between, not only are we able to cut costs, but we are able to be transparent with our esteemed clients through every step of the way to make sure you feel comfortable working with us from start to finish.

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