About Us

Our Founder

Coase Yeung, the visionary founder of our company, Triple Force Garments, has an inspiring journey that laid the foundation for our success today. Growing up as a farmer in Fujian, China, Coase knew the hardships of life and yearned for a better future for his family. At the age of 13, he took a bold step and immigrated to Hong Kong, where he shared an apartment with six other family members and friends in a 600 square foot flat.

Determined to improve his circumstances, Coase worked relentlessly, juggling three jobs as a chef, at a shoe factory, and at a cassette factory. As he worked during the day, Coase pursued his education at night school, discovering his passion for Economics and Mathematics. His hard work paid off when he could afford to attend high school for a year, where fate brought him together with four other like-minded individuals who became co-founders at Triple Force.

At 21, he found himself drawn to the art of craftsmanship and tradition in clothing-making. The touch of fabric, the hum of the sewing machine, and the wisdom passed down by seasoned artisans intrigued him. His attention to detail, honed on the assembly line, became his forte. He utilised superior materials and craftsmanship, providing garments of exceptional quality at affordable prices, surpassing competitors in value.

From there, he never looked back. His business flourished, and he expanded with multiple factories in China, fostering strong relationships with long-time suppliers, and has manufactured and supplied for a diverse clientele, ranging from local schools to prestigious fashion brands. Coase continues to work hard everyday, never forgetting his humble beginnings, and always giving back to the community and family that supported him along the way.