Elevate Your Style with Affordable Luxury

Elevate your style

Mother of Pearl Buttons

Mother of Pearl buttons add elegance with their iridescent beauty, durability, and a gentle touch, safeguarding fabrics while enhancing the aesthetic appeal and quality.
Mother of pearls

Japanese YKK Zippers​

Japanese YKK zippers offer unrivaled reliability and effortless functionality, enhancing shirt wear with precision engineering, durability, and a smooth, dependable glide.


German Interlining Techniques

Our garments are enhanced with impeccable structure, lasting comfort, and refined aesthetics, showcasing enduring quality and sophisticated craftsmanship.

World-Class Threads

Coats threads offer unparalleled strength, precision, vibrant colours, and eco-conscious practices, guaranteeing lasting quality and sewing outcomes.


Traditional Italian Craftsmanship

Traditional Italian craftsmanship infuses our garments with timeless artistry, quality, and character, resulting in unique pieces that exhibit class and personalized charm.

Traditional Italian Craftsmanship

Japanese Fabrics

Toray fabrics offer exquisite quality, innovation, and meticulous attention to detail. Their rich textures, comfort, and durability elevate our garments.



Tailored Solutions


We use innovative technologies without compromising on the quality, e.g. biodegradable fabrics made of corn.


Our garments are suitable for any occasion, including products that have elastic, water resistant, and breathable properties.


We maintain transparency at every stage of our partnership, ensuring your peace of mind from start to finish.

Triple Force Garments

Thank you to all the new and old customers for visiting our exhibition booth at CentreStage! We're happy with our feedback for the new series by AnicoA, our bespoke tailoring service (UK), and we made some friends along the way. Again, thank you to those who made this worthwhile, and to those who gave us opportunities for the future! If you missed it, check out our booth here: